Too many brands communicate even when they’ve got nothing to say.

Sometimes, less is more. This is all the more true at a time where everyone is posting and sharing on all channels, all the time. If you bore people with meaningless content, you shouldn’t be surprized when they stop listening. We aim to make brands heard. Through credible, relevant stories and a unique tone of voice.

Whether it's journalists, bloggers or influencers - we know the relevant opinion leaders personally and how to inspire them for new products and topics. We think analogue and digital, tactical and strategic and always with common sense. Our heart beats for exceptional products and passionate founders. For that reason, we only work with brands we fully believe in.

Our team

Our team

When Claudia Scheffler decided to found her own agency in 2015, she already had been a successful PR consultant for international food & beverage companies. Claudia runs AVFH together with Matthias Rech, who previously worked as a brand strategist for major German advertising agencies.

Claudia Scheffler PR & Consulting

Matthias Rech Strategy & Concept

Eileen Geibig PR & Consulting

Alysa Khouri Social Media

Luise Kober PR & Consulting